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Chia Chocolate Goodness

Alright, part two, the recipe to complement the goji berry jam! Now, this is the making of a healthy dessert that mimics chocolate pudding. Honestly, chocolate pudding has to be one of my favourite treats to buy at the grocery store. The problem is, they contain lots of sugar, and I end up eating the entire package in two days…whoops, sorry waistline!

In this recipe, you may notice that I am using a repeat ingredient from the jam recipe. What can I say, I like to utilize what I got in my cupboard! Another thing you might see is the therapeutic value of the following ingredients. If you can't tell, I will break them down for you at the end of the recipe.

Since you're likely just salivating over name alone, without further ado, here is the Chocolate Chia Pudding!


½ cup of hemp milk, unsweetened

1 tbsp ground chia seeds

2 tbsp Purica Evening Calm*

Tools Needed

Mason jar

Measuring utensils


1. Combine all ingredients into Mason jar

2. Seal up jar tightly and shake for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute

3. Chill overnight or at least a few hours

4. Optional: add Goji Berry Jam (for an antioxidant boost!), or desired toppings

5. Eat and savour the sweetness!

Yields: one serving

Now, did you recognize the one repeat ingredient? If you guessed Prana ground chia seeds with probiotics, you've got it!

As per the therapeutic agents of each ingredient, here is the breakdown and each of their values:

Hemp Milk: As a great alternative to our dairy counterpart, hemp milk provides us with a host of minerals (Vitamin A, B12 and D, Calcium, Zinc, etc.) per cup. Hemp milk also contains omega 3 and 6, which are great to support cognitive function and joint mobility, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. And finally, for an environmental standpoint, hemp is a very sustainable crop. The product I am using, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Bliss, is also considered carbon neutral and B Corp (meaning good or us, and the planet)!

Chia seeds with probiotics: Chia is one of the best seeds for soluble and insoluble fibre. They are gentle on the intestinal tract, thus safe for those with any intestinal disorders (IBS, IBD, Crohn's, Colitis, etc.), and gel up when added to a liquid to give it a jelly texture, so it doesn't irritate the gut lining. The combination of fibre feeds good probiotics, and get the bowels moving!

The added probiotics in this product help with nutrient absorption, blood sugar balancing, and add to the good probiotic colony to crowd out the "bad bacteria" (which often give us painful gas and constipation).

Purica Evening Calm: Ahhhh, now doesn't that make you feel like taking in a deep breath after a long day? Well, that's the intention of this Purica powder blend!

With a healthy dose of Ashwagandha and Reshi mushroom, this perfect combination is fantastic in its ability to lower your body's natural stress levels, to help wind down after a long, emotionally and physically draining day. Ashwagandha is a sacred Ayurvedic root, with the power to lower the hormone cortisol, during times of extreme or chronic stress. If one has too much cortisol circulating through the bloodstream in the evening, it will inhibit the production of melatonin, needed for a restful sleep. But fear not! You can take this herb throughout the day and will not affect your sleep patterns.

The other part of this dynamic duo is the Reishi mushroom. This mushroom, which is excellent at supporting the adrenal glands function, has known properties to help reduce anxiety attacks. Reshi also improves the circulatory and cardiovascular system! With its ability to improve overall vitality, by supporting kidney function, and maintaining blood sugar and blood pressure levels, this resilient mushroom will help with your resilience to daily stressors.

So on that note, relax and enjoy this Chocolate Chia Pudding! Make a batch for friends, or just for yourself, as an afternoon or evening treat. But never feel guilty, as this is boasting with health benefits to balance your mood, hormones, and lifestyle.

Here's to your health!

*As always, if you are on medication that alters your hormones, affects your blood sugar, or your blood pressure, please consult with your doctor to see if Ashwagandha or Reshi mushrooms are appropriate for you. If not, you can adjust that portion of the recipe to 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and 1 tbsp of coconut icing sugar (or sugar alternative).

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