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Eat the Cupboard: Tangy Millet and Ham

Hey folks! Another week, another scrounge in the cupboard, and I still have a large bag of millet. Buckle in because there will be many more ways to use this nutrient-dense grain by the time I complete this challenge. But not to worry, I will give you all a bit of a break in the next few weeks.

And today's free feature is from every Canadian's favorite take-out joint, Chinese food. We all get it swimming in the bottom of the bag, tossed in by the handfuls. Most of us don't have use for them anyways because our fried rice and noodles are already full of flavors. Can you guys guess it yet?

It's those fabulous hot chili sauce and plum sauce packets!

These pesky buggers eventually get crammed in zip-lock bags and shoved into the fridge door. Their only hope is to get out and have a chance to shine at a camping getaway or to improve lunchtime flavor.

So, let's give them a chance to show us what they got!

Introducing: Tangy Millet and Ham

Makes: 2 servings Time: 30 minutes Cost per serving: $6.34*


1/2 cup millet

1 1/2 cup water

1/3 cup cashew pieces

250g Ham Steak, diced

1 cup frozen peas

3 Plum sauce packets (approx. 1 1/2 tbsp)

1 Hot chili sauce packet (approx. 1/2 tbsp)

2 tbsp coconut oil

Five stalks of green onion, diced

Smoked paprika (optional)


  1. In a medium pot, combine millet and water. Put the element on high, bring the pot to a boil, and cook until tender. Place millet into a container.

  2. Using the same pot, coat the pot with coconut oil and mix in the ham. Stir ham occasionally until the ham is golden brown. Then combine cashews and peas until cooked.

  3. Return the millet to the pot, add the hot chili sauce and plum sauce packets, and stir until blended.

  4. Dish up, and sprinkle on smoked paprika and green onion.

  5. Eat up!

From the cupboard: Millet, smoked paprika, coconut oil, and Trophy Cashew snacks

From the fridge and freezer: Green peas, plum sauce, and Hot chili sauce

From the store: Green onion and, ham steak

Tips to save: Replant your Green Onions!

Green onions are inexpensive at the grocery store. Usually about $2-$3 per bundle. But often, once I magically stick them into the vegetable drawer, half the tops get mushy and are rendered useless! I know that it's probably less than a dollar wasted, but what's the point of wasting money when the economy is going to trash?

So to save a bundle, all you have to do is to keep those green onion ends, plant them in a container of dirt, set them on a window sill with enough sun exposure, and keep them well watered!

Depending on the sun exposure, and soil content, these green sprouts should grow tall

enough within a few weeks. All you have to do is to chop off the amount you need! For inspiration, here's what my babies look like in a week's comparison.

Bonus info: The difference between rice and millet

I understand that many of you may not have millet in your cupboard. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to be stuck with this much. But it happens!

Millet is an ancient grain that isn't over-processed like many other grains, such as rice and oats. This grain has a nice meaty texture similar to barley or couscous that can quickly be cooked and added to salads, stews, or as a replacement for porridge. It has a good amount of B vitamins, iron, and protein to improve energy levels and maintain satiety.

Here's a quick comparison of long-grain white rice and millet per 1/4 cup:

Long-Grain White Rice Millet

Calories- 160 Calories- 170

Fat- 0g Fat- 1.5g

Carbohydrates- 35g Carbohydrates- 33g

Fiber- 0g Fiber- 1g

Protein- 3g Protein- 5g

Iron- 0% Iron- 10% (2mg)

Okay, everyone, I hope you enjoyed those fun facts and that the meal got you thinking of some new creations you would like to cook up for the weekend!

Stay tuned to see what I do with those soy packets, courtesy of Chinese take-out leftovers!

Until then, stay well


*Price depends on where you shop

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