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Perfectly Blended

A cup of tea is something that can warm the soul and calm the mind. It can be made in different ways, and have a variety of enhancements to it. But the question is, does it have a purpose?

For myself, I am not a "tea regular" and often jump for another opportunity for a second cup of coffee because it is just so damn delicious! If I were to go for a cup, I'd like it to have a medicinal purpose (such as chamomile for a bloated belly or tulsi tea after a stressful day). One of my favorite all-around tea blends is the 7x7 KrauterTee from P. Jentschura.

A bit of history about the company, it's a small company based out in Edmonton and created by Stephan Wilmes, an Ayurvedic Therapist. His products focus on balancing the body and supporting detoxification pathways through whole food and herbal ingredients. I have met him a few times, and he is an engaging, warm-hearted, and grounded person.

Anyways back to the tea. This tea is superiorly blended with many herbs to help with your liver and lymphatic pathways, toning the kidneys and calming the nervous system. It harmonizes overpowering herbs (such as dill and dandelion) with softer notes of lavender and hibiscus. Honestly, what is not to love about this? It's practically a liquid multivitamin!

This tea is a simple addition to your diet to optimize your body's potential in a very safe way. And if your not a fan of a hot beverage, may I suggest it in a cold tea form? For myself, I add a few lemon wedges to it to give it a bit of a zing without masking the sweet notes of cinnamon, caraway, and fennel.

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