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The Current Climate

With everything going on -around the world and at home- taking care of our health is the utmost important thing. Our planet is also suffering immensely, but we are the only ones with the ability to change our habits with an environment-wise conscious. Here are some items that will support our health and give us the energy to change our mindset and our world.

Breath Factor

Protecting our breathing apparatus while this smoke, smog, and daily exposure to airborne toxins and pathogens are a given. After all, what are we if we cannot breathe clean air? It is essential for life! There are a variety of particles that cause oxidative stress with the potential of damaging lung tissue and restricting airflow. Those who had bronchitis in the past and never fully recovered can especially feel the effects.

As a person who has had bronchitis, I can feel the effects of toxic exposure in my lungs, almost instantly. A few years ago, when the forest fires were occurring around BC (such as there is now with the smoke coming up North.), a college of mine suggested taking Living Alchemy Protect. A beautiful blend of fermented herbs with a boost of Reshi mushroom to add that cardiovascular benefit. The herbal blend is antioxidant-rich with whole-body anti-inflammatory properties!

If you are a seasoned supplement shopper, you may see that the potencies of each ingredient may look a bit low. Your not wrong, but you may consider that fermentation does enhance the absorption of these active ingredients, which can ensure that it can be useful in the body, especially for those with digestive disorders and the elderly. With this combination, less is more entirely.

Ease the Mind

When you think of supplements for lung support, adaptogens for adrenals is not exactly something that comes to mind initially. Although it is not direct support for the lungs, adrenal tonics play a role in reducing cortisol levels (a stress hormone), which activates more pro-inflammatory receptors in the body. By reducing the chances of those markers that are caused by us processing internal, and external environmental stressors, this can be vital in the prevention of autoimmune diseases and acute illnesses.

What I love about this particular formula from Canprev is that Adrena-pro is a fairly simplistic, using herbs and nutrients that are commonly depleted during times of stress and replenish the adrenals to restore balance by reducing high cortisol levels. In doing so, it takes us back into calm and rational mindsets.

This formula is simple to take as they recommend four capsules, twice a day- I would say start with two in the afternoon since that may be all you need. The naturopathic formulation with many studies attached to it, properly balanced and utilized. Adrena-Pro is a formula that I am very familiar with, taking it on and off for a few years now and seeing a calm and collective regrouping of my body and mind.

Daily Detox

The final product that I will write about is for one of our main detoxifying organs, the liver. As we ingest and absorb toxic particles in our food, air, and skin products, our liver is working hard to process and excrete these pathogens out of our body. On top of detoxifying, the liver has multiple other tasks to do (hormone balancing, digestion, iron storage, etc.), so let us not break these camels back by loading it with heavy smoke!

With so many liver supplements out there with a wide variety of different ingredients, it can be hard to rifle through each one to see what would work best for you. For myself, I have fallen in love with Healthology Liv-Great! It has got 'the classics' for liver protection and regeneration, supporters for bile production, and some herbs that work for other detoxifying organs. The following is a break down of the ingredients, dose, and the purpose for each per capsule:

~Milk Thistle (200mg)- The main antioxidant to help with liver protection, regeneration, and enzyme formation.

~N-Acetyl-L-Cystine (200mg)- Amino acid, which is the building block for Glutathione. A free form antioxidant. Produces the tissues to form the lungs and bronchioles.

~DL-Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg)- Antioxidant for liver and eye protection.

~Garlic Bulb (50mg)- Antioxidant for the liver, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Aids to reduce Candida overgrowth in the intestinal system. Lowers/balances cholesterol.

~Artichoke Leaf (50mg)- Supports bile production and bowel lubrication.

~Dandelion Root (50mg)- Supports bike production, provides fibre for bowel movements.

~Selenium (100mg)- An antioxidant which is an essential mineral for immune support.

~Curcumin (100mg)- Antioxidant to protect the liver, improves circulation to reduce inflammation.

~Phyllanthus amarus (75mg)- known to help regulate bile and prevent liver disease.

The bonus for this product is that you only need two per day (compared to other brands that suggest 3 per day), and it requires you to drink plenty of water with it- great if you need to up your hydration game!

My personal experience with Liv-Great is increased metabolism, more energy (and fewer anger spells), and a reduced spastic cough due to having bronchitis a while back.

With those considerations, be safe during this pandemic and global smoke. Please consider the planet when making decisions as well. We only got one!

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